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Fall 2018 One Room Challenge - Week 4

Ok guys we are getting close! We have entered week 4 of the one room challenge! I managed to get my draperies hung. I did it myself because I was feeling handy and also broke from all the expenses tied to this project so far. It was not an easy task! I'd get one side hung, then when putting on the next panel, I pulled on the adjustable pole too far causing the finished side to fall out and draperies to fall out. Lots of cursing and going up and down a ladder. But alas.. they are up.


As you can see I've moved my old bed into storage, so we have been sleeping with a mattress on the floor like College students. I know it is looking crazy right now, just trust me when I tell you it will all come together... I hope.

Blown out photo because an iphone can't win them all.

If you are curious as to where I got these draperies, they were a HomeGoods find! On clearance. For only $50 for a pair. To my luck they had two pairs. Can you believe it?? I'm happy that I finally lucked out and was able to save on this project, as the original ones I planned for were MUCH more pricey and didn't have the neat woven top treatment. I love the texture it adds and the depth it creates from the highlights and shadows of the velvet. Downside is they are stationary, as I planned for Blackout drapery panels. I plan to get either a blackout roller shade down the line, or plantation shutters. Another challenge another day haha.

My Daughter hanging out and singing me a song.

I love my bedding especially the linen duvet. Nice and airy so I'm never too hot. I especially love the relaxed look of linen. You have to appreciate that the wrinkles are just the nature of the fabric. However when my bed arrives that will be minimized when I do the army tuck into the bed side rails. The idea is to get the duvet so taught you can bounce a penny off it.

If you remember from week two My idea was to place a metallic cowhide to layer over the carpet shown above. Well Still love that idea, but since my room has been a wreck I placed the hide under my desk in the study. Wouldn't you know it I love it there more. So now I need a new rug to layer over the carpet stat.

In other news.... WALLPAPER! Oh how it really sets the tone for the space and is getting me so excited! Nothing like a wallpaper accent wall for a master bedroom I tell ya!

I say accent wall because while beautiful, it can get mighty busy if placed on all walls. Instead, I would like for each element like the art and draperies etc to stand out on their own.

View coming into my master from the living room

Gahhhhh talk about making me giddy! While I wish so much that we were able to do wood floors for this challenge, we weren't. However once all the other elements are layered in I think the result will still be beautiful!

I love how the wallpaper almost mimics the art in my breakfast room, which is directly across from the Master bedroom on the far end of our house. Everything flows like a song!

Lastly I wanted to share this one detail view of the paper that might not have been picked up from other photos. I just love the pearlescent effect it has depending on how the light hits it!

Well this wraps up week 4! Next week everything will be getting delivered the same day the blog is due to be posted so will make for an interesting day!

As always thanks for stopping by!

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