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One Room Challenge Fall 2018: Week 3

You Guys! We are halfway through the one week challenge and unfortunately for me... It't been uneventful week on the progress side as my attention has been on my clients! AH! It's already week three! If you are not caught up you can see what has been going on during week one and week two.

Yes, my bed is still floating in the middle of the room.. per my husband:

"No sense in moving it back to normal, if we need to move it forward when wallpaper is installed." Mark said.

Anyhoo, the most progress made this week.... drum roll .......

Pillow Inserts arrived. Yippee!

That is right, the pillow inserts arrived. Now don't let this little ole box fool you. Once open a plethora of wonderful goose down pillow inserts will begin to unfold and expand. 10/90 down inserts is what I like as I like that Karate-chopped pillow look.

Speaking of pillows... I ordered this lovely gal. Three of them to be exact. For my large Euro ancho pillows that will be placed in the back. So they arrive 2" larger than the specifications. Story of my LIFE. Before calling my rep, as she is at High Point Market, I read the fine print.

Such an easy and simple solution they say. So what did I do? Wash them as directed, to take them out and to my heart drop.... The dreaded PILLING. What is Pilling you ask? Here is the official definition:

pilling: 1. (of knitted fabric) form small balls of fluff on its surface.

AHH!! I have not even had these one day. Can anything ever go smoothly? Oh, that's right... we are talking designing a space so no, everything that can go wrong, most likely will.

I grabbed this "Gleener" as suggested by a friend. Am I impressed with the Gleener? I'll give it a solid 7 for trying.

Gleener tried it's best.

Still can't get over the fact that my new pillows are already pilling. Now I need to get replacements added to my list of things to do. Oh joy!

Meanwhile I'm just smitten with my #bolsterpillow. All I've ever dreamed of is my very own bolster pillow. Look at that hand stitched appliqué!

As you can see I went ahead and added these two fluffy pillows I bought for inventory to my bed. Without them I felt like it could use a little additional texture. These are the perfect touch!

Loving the rich texture this mix of pillows brings!

Welp.. Bed still floating in the middle of the room... wallpaper should be installed in the next two weeks. I'm hoping to have my drapery installed by next week! It's starting to move a little slowly as my bed/mirrors/ and wall decor won't be delivered until after week FIVE! Ah! Meanwhile I'm happy that this new bedding is giving the space a big ole dose of glam and serenity at the same time. I'll take it!

If you are interested in all the fun guest participants and where they are in their design phases, you can check that out here! Thanks for stopping by!

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