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One Room Challenge Fall 2018: Week Two

Ready or not we are in week two of the one room challenge and I'm still in the thick of PLANNING it! Hope this isn't a big flop haha. I'm going to preface this post by saying how difficult designing a space of your own can be when juggling work and family. The current fiasco that is my master bedroom only further drives my fuel to serve my clients and make their lives easier - because ain't nobody got time for all this madness in their free time.

Anyhoo. So this week I ordered the mirror to go over each chest (Thanks so much for all you that commented on my week one post and helped me decide!) So here is the overall plan:

The idea is that the poster bed will define the space. This is a long and narrow room, so my plan is to let the bed call attention to the "sleeping quarters" as its own area. This allows for a seating area at the foot of the bed to feel separate and entirely one of its own. The posts will draw your eye up, therefore visually cut the long and narrow look of the room into two separate areas. I'll soften the hard lines of the bed with a more feminine, floral wallpaper which will serve as a nice backdrop. To keep it from looking too "busy" yet also adding a little glam that I love, I'll place oversized shaped mirrors to breakup all the squares. I love how the rustic finishes on the nightstands and chairs juxtapose the metallics and mixed metals of the bed and accent furnishings.

Unfortunately for me... here is the current state of my room....

No - I didn't make the bed for you guys because my bed is floating in the middle of the room and my new bedding has yet to arrive. Life. Also, my son's magic tricks are located bottom left. Talented Kid.

Great progress right?? RIIGGHHHTTT??? *Insert heavy-nervous breathing here* Not much has been accomplished EXCEPT my awesome wallpaper installer, Jason, has somehow managed to last minute fit me in between his booked schedule and help me out. What you are looking at in the above photo is a wall that has new "mud" applied and waiting for it to dry. If you are unfamiliar with wallpaper, the walls must be smooth as a babies bottom before installing paper, or every imperfection will show through and it will be a bloody nightmare. Wallpapering is a two day process (in my case 3 spread out days when he can fit me in). The next step involves sanding it smooth with the intense mechanism pictured below.

Amazing Dust Free Sanding Mechanism

While not the glamours side of design, a necessity nonetheless to get this girl looking good! In the meantime, my kids are having a blast running around the bed that has been in the middle of the room for a week and I found my glasses that have been missing that were under the bed. Win.

Reunited at last.

To elaborate more on the design, as you can see from the mood board I am going with these chairs I found at #HomeGoods instead of the traditional bench at the foot of the bed. Since the room is long and narrow, as I mentioned earlier the poster bed visually defines the sleeping area, allowing for a seating arrangement at the foot of the bed. In theory I'll layer in a cowhide rug, but If I end up hating it I might get a regular 8x10 rug to put over the carpet. Ideally I'd do hardwood floors to tie in with the rest of the house.. but for the sake of time and my husband's sanity... I'll do that at a later date.

Lastly I am Super excited that my new bedding arrived today!! One less thing to worry about! I'd put it on and model it for you all, but need to get the down inserts for the shams and pillows first.

The one thing that I am most happy about from this week is the assurance that our bed (should) arrive on time. I say SHOULD - because it has shipped and is on the way to my receiver. However, there are still a million plus one obstacles it will go through such as:

1. Arrives damaged or someone opens up the headboard with a boxcutter - thus slicing my entire bed front and center.

2. Missing parts such as the legs feet and screws ( you know.. those items necessary to assemble the actual bed)

3. Wrong bed entirely arrives

4. Lost in transit.

Just a few of the so exciting backend problems that occur daily and I am clearly bracing myself for. After-all I joined this challenge at the absolute last minute so if all goes as planned with no crazy road bumps.. I'll be so delighted.


Thanks for following along guys! Please comment if you would like for information on anything or liked this post!

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